Dr. Tiina Kurrik

Tiina’s absolute mastery allows her to make cavities disappear without a trace. The art of dental craftsmanship was the reason Tiina chose the profession and her work honours the art. Correcting cavities without a trace is work fit for a jeweler, after all, and there is no one more faithful to natural detail than Tiina. We can confidently say that teeth Tiina has recreated look even more perfect in the smile than the original ever did.

Tiina stands out with her empathy and caring for others. The saying “wouldn’t hurt a fly” describes her well because, indeed, she’d throw open every door and window to save it. She devotes her free time to her three wonderful children, goes to the theater or, when there’s time, enjoys literary classics old and new.


Dr. Ly Lauring

Ly’s professional motto is the saying: “Healthy teeth and a nice smile are a mainstay of health and beauty.” Her patience and love for order will bring the worst of rugrats to heel and make brushing teeth feel like anything but a chore. Her dexterity and aesthetic flair can turn the dullest tooth rows into shining smiles.

Off-duty, Ly enjoys long backpacking journeys across mountain landscapes or just weekend outings into a mellow bog. The beauty of pristine nature is what charges Ly’s batteries. Music is also close to her heart. Not only does she appreciate music, but she performs wonderfully as well. Who knows, perhaps you too have heard her sultry voice in the ranks of a choir.


Dr. Katri Hindrikson

Katri’s discerning eye never fails to notice a cavity to be fixed or a root canal that needs work. She is confident that everything begins at the grassroots level: a solid construction requires a flawless foundation. In dentistry, perfectly executed root canal treatment guaratees a stable foundation. Katri’s solutions are always solidly rooted.

She is a person you simply cannot fail to notice, whether for her tall stature or her sincere smile. And her bright sense of humour will win you over in no time. She considers balance within the self and in life the highest of values. Dinners enjoyed with friends, plays and concerts attended with her child – all of this balances out her commitment to work. “Work should be enjoyed, life should be enjoyed!”


Dr. Elen Piik

For the past 15 years, Elen has been the worst nightmare of Carius and Bactus, the caries-causing bacteria. This is how long Elen has done everything in her power to give every patient the pearly-white and bright smile they deserve.

She is a caring person with a generous heart and kind smile. In her dental chair you will forget your everyday hassles and stress and overcome your fear of visits to the dentist. An appointment with Elen is like a short spa break, an experience that leaves only happy and pleasant memories. Elen believes that a lifetime of healthy teeth begins with brushing and good dental hygiene. She is happy to share useful tips and tricks for your dental care.

When not in the practice, Elen likes to go on adventures with her family and friends, chasing summer and sunshine in faraway countries.


Dr. Maarja Toomlaid

Maarja is a perfectionist in everything she does.

It is almost impossible to tell which teeth Maarja has worked on and corrected – the result is just as nature intended. Her hand is firm and never falters, and the result is always impeccable. It is essential for Maarja that the patient is happy with the end result as well. She regularly attends courses to help increase her knowledge and further her skills. She has a special interest in the complex and mysterious world of root canal treatment, as well as aesthetic dentistry and prosthodontics. Her work is distinguished by its outstanding quality.

Maarja’s precision and commitment are reflected in her everyday life. Her hobbies include gardening, experimenting with food recipes, and baking. Most of her downtime is devoted to her young child.


Dr. Heret Õmblus

Heret is the newest bright-eyed member of our wonderful team. Dentistry is in her genes, as her mother is also a dentist. She has plenty of experience in the field of dentistry and knows how important it is that teeth remain in the patient’s mouth, leaving them something to chew with. This is why she attaches great importance to periodontics or, in layman’s terms, the removal of plaque. She is adept at quickly removing teeth that require removal. Taking into consideration Heret’s great commitment, she is able to overcome all difficulties that may present themselves in the treatment of a patient’s teeth – the results are always perfect. All patients, whether big or small, leave her office with a positive attitude, beautiful smile, and healthy teeth.

Heret has plenty of energy to deal with a million things during her free time. Heret’s motto is: “Those who can, do!” She engages in continuous self-development and not only in dental work; for example, she is currently learning Chinese and Spanish. She travels to both cement and practice her language skills. She keeps herself in shape physically by playing tennis. As the mother of a large family, she enjoys spending time with her sons.



  • Today, we deploy digital tools to diagnose dental problems accurately and precisely. Every patient is different and requires an individual approach. Thus, we cooperate with dental technicians and specialists of the field to find the best and most durable solution for each patient separately.


  • Ideally, dentistry should be only proactive to avoid problems before they take root. This could be achieved easily enough if people were aware of the importance and best practices of oral hygiene, proper nutrition habits and the effects of harmful habits on teeth. An annual dental examination is essential for the prevention of dental problems.


  • Simply put, dental treatment means the removal of damaged tooth tissue and correcting the resulting defect with a filling. Modern injection anesthetics are so effective and the procedures so painless that fear of pain should not put anyone off from seeking treatment.


  • Root canal treatment is necessary when a cavity is already so deep that microbes have penetrated the space within the tooth that contains the nerves. Root canal treatment consists of cleaning that space and the root canals and filling them with a special filling.


  • Involves removal of teeth that cannot be restored, removal of erupted or unerupted wisdom teeth, removal of intraosseous inflammation and a number of other major and minor surgical procedures. All operations are carried out as free of pain and trauma as possible.


  • Extensively damaged or missing teeth can be replaced with removable or non-removable dentures. Each patient requires an individual approach in order to find the best and most suitable solution. We cooperate with the best laboratories to produce results that satisfy everyone.


  • Gingivitis, which is indicated by red, bleeding gums, can cause serious damage to the supporting structures of teeth if not treated in a timely manner. This in turn may lead to loss of teeth.Timely intervention by a professional can help to prevent more serious consequences.


  • Oral implantology means replacing one or several missing teeth with artificial teeth supported by artificial roots. Today it is the easiest and most convenient way to replace lost teeth. If necessary, we complement it with bone volume increases and gingivoplasty to achieve a lasting and beautiful result. We use high-quality implants by the German manufacturer Dentsply.


  • A large part of a child’s day is spent playing. We are game for solving their tooth problems equally playfully. Dental care is free for insured persons under 19 years old, from 01.10.2021, a visit fee of 5 € applies to children.


  • We work with the most renowned Estonian orthodontists.


  • Teeth can be healthy, but occasionally, their tone or position does not quite satisfy. It is almost always possible either to simply whiten them, cover them with ceramic veneers or to correct them orthodontically.



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